Invovic - 33/12.5R17 114Q 8PLY Mud Terrain

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Load Rating

114Q 8PLY


EL523 Mud Terrain



Max Load


The Invovic EL523 M/T is a mud terrain, all season tyre manufactured for light trucks.

The tyre optimizes the mud terrain traction by utilizing the aggressive tread design. The staggered tread block pattern and the high void ratio allow the tyre to increase the soft, loose and uneven terrain traction throughout the performance. The better surface contact optimizes the forward motion at all times, even when performing on deep mud and loose terrain surface conditions. These tread elements also allow the tyre to eliminate mud, snow and rocks from the footprint. In this manner, mud and snow do not block the surface contact, while the tyre manages to prevent stone retention. This guarantees a safer driving experience during the tyre’s off-road performance.

The maintained surface contact improves the controllability thanks to the aggressive block pattern. The block placement with the flat block surfaces optimizes the surface contact throughout the performance, enhancing the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. In this manner, the tyre has a quicker and more precise steering response, while the structural stability is optimized during the performance. This enhances the driver’s better handling, ensures the driver’s better control over the vehicle at all times.

The EL523 M/T upgrades the load and driving durability. The reinforced internal structure allows the tyre to keep the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure. As the tyre does not deform, the model is able to securely carry and withstand heavier loads with ease. In this manner, the model improves the load capacity.

The intended purpose of Mud Terrain tyre types is off-road use. They are not designed for regular highway driving.