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Effective March 1, 2024, a compulsory $6.65 + GST fee applies to all new tyres in NZ, aiding tyre recycling efforts. Every store must comply.

Tyrewise – reducing environmental harm from end-of-life tyres

Tyrewise is Aotearoa New Zealand’s first regulated product stewardship scheme.  It is the mechanism by which those who produce or sell tyres take responsibility for the 6.5 million tyres that reach their end of life each year across the motu.

On 1 March 2024, regulation will come into effect that, for the first time in Aotearoa New Zealand, sets a fee to replace the ad hoc tyre disposal charges currently faced by tyre fitters, fleet operators and the public.  The  fee is known as the tyre stewardship fee, and is payable on all regulated tyres.  The fee is used to manage the tyre’s environmental impact at end-of-life.  

The tyre stewardship fee will be charged on all imports of regulated tyres, whether loose or attached to a vehicle and will be passed on down the supply chain to consumers. When buying tyres, you will see the tyre stewardship fee transparently declared on your receipt.

The fee will pay for the future stewardship of the tyre on which the fee has been paid.  It will replace any disposal or environmental charges for old tyres you may have been charged when having your tyres replaced or disposing of an old tyre at a transfer station or landfill.

Why do we need Tyrewise?

In the wrong location tyres are a waste product, but in the right place end-of-life tyres can become valuable resources for Kiwi businesses.  Tyrewise will manage tyres from collection through to processing to ensure they end up where they should – adding value to our communities, not creating harm.

How much is the fee?

The tyre stewardship fee is based on $6.65 (excl. GST) for a standard passenger tyre weighing 9.5kg. The fee varies depending on the types and sizes of tyres, for example different fees are payable for motorbike tyres vs tractor tyres.

When purchasing tyres in New Zealand, the retailer or garage will tell you what the fee is for the tyres you purchase.

When purchasing an imported vehicle, you will pay the fee for the tyres attached to the vehicle (provided a tyre stewardship fee has not already been paid when the tyres were purchased). Again, the seller will tell you what the fee is for the vehicle you purchase.

What tyres are regulated?

All air-filled and solid tyres for use on motorised vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, aircraft and off-road vehicles.

Coils for retreads, bicycle tyres and tyres for non-motorised equipment will be included in Tyrewise at a later date, with consultation planned for late 2024.

What is the fee used for?

The fees paid on regulated tyres will be used by Tyrewise to cover the following activities:

  • tyre collection services;
  • incentive payment for processing and tyre-derived product manufacture for the domestic market;
  • research and development grants;
  • management of Tyrewise including compliance and enforcement.

The fee will also cover monitoring of the scheme by Ministry for the Environment.

What does Tyrewise mean for me?

As a consumer, from 1 March 2024:

  • You will see the tyre stewardship fee transparently disclosed on your receipt when you purchase new tyres or as part of on-road costs if you purchase a vehicle.
  • You may have to pay the ad hoc disposal charges at the retailer or fitter for your old tyres.

From 1 September 2024:

  • You will continue to pay a tyrewise stewardship fee when you purchase a new tyre
  • You won’t pay to dispose of your old tyres when you’re having them replaced at registered tyre retailers or fitters.
  • You won’t pay to dispose of a small number of old tyres at registered collection sites anywhere across the motu.

If you are importing a vehicle or tyres into the country as an individual, find out what your obligations are under the regulations. (link to importing factsheet).

If you are importing or selling tyres (whether loose or on a vehicle) as a business, you must register with Tyrewise. Visit www.tyrewise.co.nz to find out more.

Find out more

You can find out more about Tyrewise and what happens to end-of-life tyres in Aotearoa New Zealand at www.tyrewise.co.nz.