Tackling the Backcountry: Choosing the Right All-Terrain Tyres for Rural NZ Roads

From gravel-strewn tracks to uneven surfaces and unpredictable weather, navigating New Zealand's backcountry demands a reliable companion beneath your vehicle – a set of quality all-terrain tyres. Let Tyre Dispatch take you on a trek through New Zealand's rugged rural roads and set you up with the right all-terrain tyres for the job.

Understanding Rural Road Conditions

If you're planning on tackling the backcountry, you need to know what you're in for. Heading off the highways, gravel roads are common in rural areas and demand tyres that can grip effectively without compromising stability. Uneven surfaces pose a constant threat, requiring tyres capable of providing a smooth ride while navigating bumps and ruts. Add in New Zealand's diverse and often unpredictable weather conditions, where anything from dusty drought to flooding rain can impact the condition of the road at any time, and you will need tyres that are adaptable and durable.

All About All-Terrain Tyres

As the name suggests, an all-terrain tyre can travel on all terrains. Made tougher than highway terrain tyres, all-terrain tyres have large tread blocks to boost grip and traction on dry and wet roads and loose surfaces like gravel or mud. Their larger grooves expel water and dirt, and sturdy sidewalls protect against punctures and damage, so they are built to withstand the rugged demands of off-road driving.

Their versatility makes them ideal for off-roading while ensuring a comfortable ride on paved surfaces. 

Choosing the Right Size and Tread Pattern 

The correct size of an all-terrain tyre is essential for optimal performance. Referencing your vehicle's specifications ensures that the tyres fit snugly, preventing issues such as rubbing or poor handling. 

Tread pattern selection is just as important, with different patterns catering to specific terrains. For rural roads, a balanced tread design that offers sufficient grip on both paved and unpaved surfaces is recommended. Tyres like the Anchee All Terrain feature four curved grooves, which increase grip and self-cleaning capacity on irregular road conditions like mud and gravel. Meanwhile, the Roadcruza All Terrain tyre's special compound for strong tread offers good cut resistance performance.

All-Terrain Tyre Maintenance

Maintaining your all-terrain tyres will maximise their lifespan and performance. Regular inspections should be a part of your routine, checking for any signs of wear, cuts, or punctures. Address these promptly.

Sustaining the recommended inflation levels ensures optimal traction and fuel efficiency. Rotating your tyres and balancing them helps distribute the load evenly, enhancing longevity. Additionally, periodic alignment checks contribute to a smoother and safer driving experience.

If you plan to tackle New Zealand's back country roads, talk to Tyre Dispatch first. We can help you fit your vehicle with the right set of all-terrain tyres to safely handle whatever weather and road conditions your adventure serves up.